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The Harvest Center

The Harvest Center is the original vision of Barbara Brewton-Cameron, pastor of Community Outreach Christian Ministries, Inc., in the Genesis Park neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, this area was widely known as an open drug market, and was ranked as the number one violent crime neighborhood in Charlotte. Unfortunately, her husband was shot and killed leaving her with three young children to raise alone.

Inspired by her passion for the well-being of neighborhood children, her own children, and the elderly, she led the effort to change the community. Violent crime was significantly reduced and old street names that were identified with drugs and crime were changed to Rush Wind Drive, Peaceful Way Drive, Genesis Park Place, and Brewton Drive, in honor of Pastor Barbara Brewton-Cameron.  Presently, it is a place of home ownership, hope, and a real sense of community. The Harvest Center was birthed from this rich reservoir of love, care, and commitment.

Despite Pastor Barbara Brewton-Cameron’s untimely death in December 2008, her vision continues through the dedicated staff, board of directors and volunteers at the Harvest Center who continue to serve those families and individuals who are less fortunate.

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